Revamping Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2019

Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for 2019

January 14, 2019

We all know that content marketing is important, especially in today’s digital and very visual age. How can you make it work for your business?

One of the most beautiful things about a new year is the opportunity to start fresh. It’s a chance to apply everything you’ve learned the previous year, and innovate, create, and implement something new.

In our last post, we shared our favorite noteworthy statistics from Ascend2’s marketing report. One of the most interesting findings was that 58% of marketing professionals planned on increasing their content marketing production and budget.

We all know that content marketing is important, especially in today’s digital and very visual age. How can you make it work for your business? How can you create compelling content that not only drives your business goals, but truly wins over your audience?

1. Detail Your Customer Profiles

Yes, we feel like we’re beating this dead horse, too. We are hardcore, die-hard fans of buyer personas. They detail who your customers are and lend a huge helping hand when creating content. It’s simple: once you understand who you’re creating content for, you’ll be able to create content that works.

Here’s an example of a coffee shop’s buyer persona you can find in our handy toolkit:

2. Develop a Solid Content Plan & Schedule

Now that you know your customers, you can finally start to think about what kind of content resonates with them. Above all: what what would they value? This can be anything from free, downloadable content, to a video series, to live event tapings, and far, far beyond. Keep in mind that you should maintain the classic 80:20 ratio. This being 80% of your content should be customer-centric, while 20% of it company or sales-driven. Here are some examples of content to think about:

  • A ‘How-to” Video Series
  • Blog posts
  • Survival Guides & other downloadable content
  • Reports & Survey Results
  • How Your Product Works through visuals
  • Live event coverage (YouTube, Instagram, and/or Facebook)
  • Fun branded campaigns

The next thing to consider is what you can commit to. Content production is an investment of both time and money. If you’ve got an on-staff video producer, photographer, copywriter, or graphic designer, or all the above - even better! If not, it’s important to identify the resources you’ll need, and work with them to create a package that fits your vision and budget.

Lastly, define deadlines for developing this content, and launching it. This way, you’ll have a way to keep yourself and your team accountable for distributing this content.

3. Identify Your Distribution Channels

Where will your content live? This is where you should revisit your business goals and marketing objectives. Which channels make the most sense for your business and your audience? Think about channels like: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for your varied types of content. Remember, you can always distribute different types of content for different platforms to create a more personalized experience. Which brings us to our next point...

4. Repurposing & Recycling Content

You know how expensive video can be, so why would you just use it one time? Extract smaller, social media clips to distribute on your social channels, create quotable graphics, design an infographic, create a written guide, or other complementary content. There are so many different ways to repurpose your content to get the biggest bang for your buck and create a more personalized experience.

5. Proactively Monitor & Adapt Your Strategy

Since you’ll be monitoring your social media channels and content marketing efforts, keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not. Make sure you’ve got an adequate budget to test different content with your target audience, and be prepared to adapt your content plan as-needed, based on the results.

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